Dancing Paws 100% Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags -- 40 Bags

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We would like to introduce the greatest technological advancement in Plastics, 100% Earth-friendly, 100% Green and 100% All Natural. Our technology is based on organic and natural ingredients that are safe, non-toxic, and chemical free.

The ability to produce plastics that turn back into the natural earth when they are thrown into a landfill, a compost bin, or the ocean, is not a dream but a reality! What’s special about our Dancing Paws® Dog Waste Bags? It is that it has an indefinite shelf-life, and yet does not contaminate the recycling stream. Our Dancing Paws® Dog Waste Bags do not break down due to exposure to light, heat, moisture, or oxygen.   

Dancing Paws® Dog Waste Dog Bags are 100% biodegradable, compostable, non-toxic, and chemical free. Typical plastic bags, like the one your newspapers get delivered in, can last hundreds of years in landfills. Other waste bags (made of a corn-resin) take 50 years to break down, while other technologies still leave smaller pieces of plastic and/or toxic metals behind.  Dancing Paws® Dog Waste Dog Bags turn into soil within 1-7 years without leaving any remnants behind. Our Dog Waste Bags can be buried in any typical landfill, or supercharge your backyard compost bin.

Product Properties:

    * 100% Biodegradable: It will biodegrade completely in seven months to seven years, depending on the microbial environment. Typical plastic bags will still be in our landfills 100 years later.
    * Repelled Scented: Our All Natural Ingredients repel pests, so consumers will appreciate how it works without the worry of dangerous and toxic chemicals. Repelled Scented products keep the dogs, cats, raccoons, mice, flies, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, wasps, bees and most other nuisance insects and animals away for a pest free environment!
    * 100% Recycled paperboard
    * Natural Vegetable-Based Inks Used

Active (33%): Peppermint Oil-8%, Lemon Oil-8%, Geranium Oil-7%, Clove Oil-6%, Citronella-4%
Inert(67%): Apple Pomace, Mineral Oil

Total Ingredients: 100%

Components: Plastic Resin, Recycled Plastic Resin, Organic Biodegradable Additive.

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  • Manufactured by: Dancing Paws

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