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Pro-Copper 4 mg by Ecological Formulas provides a sturdy, readily absorbed form of copper for the body. It is specially formulated to provide equal moles of copper and sebacic acid. The advantage of Pro-Copper 4 mg from Ecological Formulas revolves around the formulation. It protects the copper from oxidation while increasing the bioavailability of copper at a nutrient level. This yields more absorption than supplements simply containing copper.

The benefits of consuming Pro-Copper 4 mg by Ecological Formulas includes:

    Preventing copper deficienc,y which can lead to growth-related problems
    Increased protection against chronic infection
    Treating certain types of anemia
    Helping zinc and calcium to work more effectively in the bod,y which in turn may help lessen the severity of osteoporosis
    Safeguarding against neural defects induced by in insufficient amount of copper capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier

Supplement Facts
Copper-Sebacic Acid Complex 4 mg, in a base of Glutathione

This supplement contains an equimolar complex of copper and sebacic acid which yields 4 mg of elemental copper. Sebacic acid protects the cuprous form of copper against oxidation and facilitates passage through cell membranes.

1-2 capsules daily 

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  • Manufactured by: Ecological Formulas

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