Wisdom Natural Sympacho® Herbal Tea Blend -- 25 Tea Bags

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A unique herbal tea that can help you:

enhance health
achieve relaxation
ease cold and flu symptoms

Sympacho® Herbal Tea Blend is an unprecedented blend of herbs that contains an array of vitamins, minerals, naphthoquinones, anthraquinones and phytopharmaceuticals. Pau d’Arco (Lapacho) is renowned for bolstering the immune system, reducing inflammation and pain, and providing anti-microbial properties. Licorice Pepper is extolled for rapidly easing symptoms of colds and flu. YerbaMaté has been heralded as the most powerful rejuvenator known to man. And Stevia is a naturally sweet herb that nourishes the pancreas.

In combination, these herbs make Sympacho Herbal Tea Blend a remarkably healthful and delicious tea that also helps you unwind.

No GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). Product of Paraguay.

Serving Suggestion:
One quart formula – Add 6-8 bags of Sympacho® to 1 quart of very hot (not boiling) water. Steep 5-6 minutes. Mug-size formula – Add 1-2 bags of Sympacho® Herbal Tea Blend to 1 cup of very hot (not boiling) water. Steep 5-6 minutes. Sympacho® is delicious served hot or iced.

100% inner lining (Phloem) of the Pau d’Arco (Purple Lapacho™) tree (Tabebuia Impetiginosa), Licorice Pepper (Piper dilatatum L. Rich), Yerbamate (Ilex Paramariensis), HoneyLeaf® Stevia (Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni)

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  • Manufactured by: Wisdom Natural Brands

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