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Captures the delicate, refreshing flavor of Oregon Peppermint, which is the world"s finest. Excellent after meals.Stash Peppermint is produced exclusively from top quality Oregon grown peppermint, which is considered the world"s finest. Oregon"s deep rich soil, moist cool winters and long dry sunny summers provide mint growers with the natural tools to produce peppermint. The mint is harvested in July and August and when properly cured (or dried) it is sold as leaf or to produce peppermint oil. Stash Tea purchases its mint leaf directly from Oregon farmers. It is sent from Oregon fields to the Stash Tea plant where it is packaged to protect the freshness and menthol content. Nothing else is ever added to our Peppermint tea. The result is a soothing, refreshing, aromatic drink that is superb hot or iced, any time of day.


Peppermint leaf.


Product Research:
Scientific evidence shows that the aromatic Peppermint herb helps stimulate the body and is calming to the stomach. Peppermint is one of the oldest and best tasting home remedies for indigestion. Studies show that peppermint lessens the amount of time food spends in the stomach by stimulating the gastric lining. Peppermint is excellent for heartburn and stomachache. Migraine headaches, which are frequently accompanied by nausea, are often relieved by peppermint. The herb peppermint can help soothe a nagging cough, sore throat and allergies.

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