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Our orange blossom candies have a delicate and fresh flavor, reminiscent of orange yet with a distinctly floral note.

Each candy contains an aniseed in its center, which we coat with fine layers of sugar and all-natural flavoring.

These candies are packaged in our classic 50g oval tins.  Each tin represents a part of a love story between a shepherd and his beloved shepherdess.

For their first rendez-vous, our lovers meet under blooming orange blossoms. From now on, they dream together.

Hard candy, do not bite.

Sugar, Natrual Flavoring, Green Aniseed.

This candy, consisting of a grain of aniseed coated in sugar, is perhaps the oldest in France, mentioned in a document as early as 872. In the 17th century, when the candy was manufactured by Ursuline sisters, six months were needed to add and dry the successive coats of sugar. Today, the factory is still situated at the heart of the ancient abbey, but the process is completed in only 15 days.

The Story of Flavigny, the World's Oldest Confection

The Anis de l'Abbaye de Flavigny is little, round, white and no bigger than a pea. This time-tested candy hides in its heart both the anise seed.... and a very old, old story that unfolded in the picturesque hills of Burgundy, France so many centuries ago.

Rome invaded Gaul in 50 BC. The Roman legions brought with them the anise plant, originally grown in the Mediterranean region, as a healing herb for their wounded soldiers. When the war ended 2 years later, the Roman general Flavinius built a villa in what later became the village of Flavigny (Fla-vin-ee).

In 718 AD, the Abbey was founded in Flavigny. It is said but not documented that in 873 a monk offered 3 pounds of aniseed candy to Pope Jean VIII when he came to consecrate the Abbey.

Archives do document that Flavigny's anise candy existed since at least medieval times. This cherished candy of kings and queens has endured with uniquely natural flavors over a tiny aniseed, an altogether pleasing surprise! King Henry IV(1553-1610) and Shakespeare(1564-1616) may themselves have savored this delicious sweet!

Following the French Revolution in 1759, the monks left the Abbey. Some villagers took to making their own anise candy. By the 18th century, families manufacturing the candy unified and established themselves inside the ancient Abbey. First the family Mongenet, followed by the family Galimard, and since 1923, the family Troubat.

In 1992, the French government distinguished the ancient Abbey de Flavigny by naming it as one of France's 100 remarkable taste sites. Others include St. Emilion, Cognac, and Cointreau. Flavigny has been honored for its story, quality, and because the candy is still made in the ancient Abbey.

Today, over 30% of the production of the Abbey is exported to 13 countries.

Flavigny may be the only real taste of medieval times you can truly savor.

Product of France

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